About Us

Who We Are

Sunraysia's longest established solar expert, Mildura Solar is a locally owned and operated installer of Solar PV systems. The team at Mildura Solar have been spreading their knowledge and offering their professional service for over four years. Mildura Solar have a strong partnership with the award winning solar panel providers SunPower, SMA the worldwide market leaders for solar inverters and Fronius who are known for having one of the most powerful and user-friendly inverters. These efficient and reliable products can be viewed on display at the Mildura Solar Office, 1/50 Madden Avenue Mildura.

Why Solar?

As energy prices continue to rise, so does your electricity bill. Investing in solar gives you the power to reverse this situation. With a solar system you can produce clean energy right from your rooftop and thus reduce your electricity bill. You will therefore be protecting yourself and your family against rising electricity costs, while making a very concrete, positive contribution to the environment now and for future generations.

Benefits of going solar

There are many benefits to going solar, listed below are just a few examples of what solar can do for you.

    A Solar System will drastically reduce and even can eliminate your electric bill.
    A Solar System will increase the value of your home.
    A Solar System helps the community by reducing the electricity demand on the electrical grid during peak times, when people need the energy the most.
    Going Solar reduces our nation’s dependence on foreign sources.
    Generous government incentives
    Reduce your carbon footprint
    Sell Excess Power to the Utility Company
    And many more!

Our Team

Ross Carruthers

Ross is joint owner of this family-run business and has over 12 years experience as a local electrical and energy supplier with specialist knowledge of Solar Installations.  Ross is accredited by the Clean Energy Council: http://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au.

He personally inspects every property before installation takes place and he makes sure that your system complies with clean energy and electrical safety standards.

Renee Carruthers

Renee is joint owner of the business and has worked in the electrical sector for over 12 years.  She has expert knowledge of solar system design and takes pride in working out the best way for you to maximise the $$$ payback you get from the system.  By looking at your energy bills and talking to you about your needs, she can help you get the best outcomes from your installation.  Call us or come into the office for an appointment.



Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer
Ross Carruthers