Sunpower Small Package


System Size

1.6 kW

2 kW

3.3 kW

3.9 kW

4.9 kW

Panels: SunPower E20

25 year manufacturer’s warranty

5 year 95% performance warranty

25 year 87% performance warranty

5 panels

327 watts each

6 panels

327 watts each

10 panels

327 watts each

12 panels

327 watts each

15 panels

327 watts each





Fronius Fronius Fronius


Galvo 1.5-1

Galvo 2.0-1

Galvo 3.0-1 Primo 4.0-1 Primo 5.0-1

Manufacturer’s warranty

10 Year

10 Year

10 Year

10 Year

10 Year

Package inclusions: Tin roof racking system, balance of system including 6mm solar cable, quality DC circuit breakers, full installation, and inspections.

Conditions: All prices are GST inclusive. A non refundable deposit of $1,000 is required to order system. Tilt frame will attract extra cost. Two storey or difficult roof will attract extra cost. Whilst the prices have been set in good faith price is subject to change at any time. STC's value is current at time of printing and cannot be guaranteed. Site inspection required to determine exact costs. Costs are based on installations around the Mildura area. Extra travel costs will apply if not in this region.



Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer
Ross Carruthers